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Child Care Providers United  https://childcareprovidersunited.org/

“Child Care Providers United brings together thousands of child care providers throughout California to improve our profession and ensure every child has access to quality early learning and care. As union members, child care providers have a powerful voice to improve our livelihoods and the services we provide, for working families whether white, Black, Asian, or brown. We are working for child care for all and unions for all.”

Californians for Quality Early Learning (CQEL)  https://www.caqualityearlylearning.org/

“We are committed to developing early education for all Californians and ensuring its quality. We support programs in integrating promising practices and advocate for a thriving and diverse early learning system for children and families.”

Child Care Advocate  https://www.cdss.ca.gov/inforesources/child-care-licensing/child-care-advocates

“The Child Care Advocate Program (CCAP) promotes the delivery of quality child care in California. In 1984, the State Legislature created CCAP to provide a link between child care licensing and the community.”

Child Care Law Center https://www.childcarelaw.org/

“We educate, advocate, and litigate to make child care a civil right. At the Child Care Law Center, we believe in justice and opportunity for children, families, and child care providers. We make laws work for them, and especially for Black, Latinx, people of color, people with disabilities, and others who have historically been discriminated against.”

EveryChild California https://www.everychildca.org/

“For over 75 years, we have been inspiring and educating leaders of early learning and care programs for children from birth to 13. Our name, EveryChild California, an Association of Leaders Advancing Early Learning, represents our comprehensive approach to early childhood education and learning. We advocate for programs across the state, by supporting the development of the child’s social, emotional and intellectual well-being, all while in a safe and high quality learning environment.”


The mission of the Yolo County Child Care Planning Council is to promote the professional growth of the child care workforce and to support the development of quality child care programs.


The Yolo County Child Care Planning Council, in partnership with public and private entities, works to improve child care and early education opportunities in pursuit of the following goals:

  • ASSESS the County’s overall child care needs once every five years.
  • PREPARE countywide child care plan to mobilize public & private resources.
  • PROMOTE access to quality child care and development services.
  • COLLABORATE with community organizations & government agencies to provide families the best possible child care options.
  • DEVELOP priorities for allocation of federal child care grant funds.
  • SUPPORT training and professional development of child care providers.

Covid-19 Information

During the COVID-19 pandemic the Yolo County Local Childcare Planning Council (LPC) joined forces with the Yolo County Office of Education, First 5 Yolo and the Children’s Home Society. Through this collaboration they were able to contact and deliver masks, hand sanitizer, hand soap, gloves, diapers, cleaning supplies and educational materials to over 150 childcare providers in Yolo County. Ongoing contact with these providers through weekly calls and health and safety information offered much needed support during the COVID-19 pandemic. The LPC acknowledges the continued hard work, dedication, and commitment of these providers to the children and families of Yolo County.

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